Unknown-2Let Freedom’s Source Reign!

TACU.us is about discovering and presenting Freedom’s Source: Jesus and truth.

What’s so good about Truth?

Truth offers freedom to feel your best! Ahhh, Freedom!

The meaning of TACU is a mystery. I know the meaning. I invented the acronym. Join the journey of TACU unfolding. Perhaps one day the meaning of TACU will become clear.

This much is clear – Freedom is a biblical purpose. Jesus said, “If you continue in my word, you will know the truth and the truth will make you free.”

So this is God’s purpose in everything He says: Your freedom.

Without freedom, motivation dwindles, labor wanes, productivity plummets, wealth goes away, survival becomes dismal if not threatened, and lifespans shorten. Your freedom is important to God. Because I have come to realize that God is my best friend, I realize that what is important to God is important to me.

That means that because your freedom is important to God, your freedom has become important to me.

TACU.us is emerging to make the way of Freedom clear – to highlight a way forward into happiness, and every other gift of God.

Whether you’d like to help, learn, or both, you are invited to come along in this journey.

And if you can keep your discourse civil, honest, and appropriate for a learning environment, you are invited to participate in the comments.

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